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Gift Wrap

Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me find Gift Wrap in the US? I saw someone had posted it previously, but the links are expired.

I just love this song so much--it's my favorite of hers, and though I have all the rest of her songs, I can't stand not having this one on my computer. :)

Thank you!
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Dunno if you've seen this video interview from the beginning of her tour with McLachlan: umusic.ca interview, August 18th, 2004

They also have a page featuring info about her: http://umusic.ca/butterflyboucher/#info
And here is an in-depth interview transcript from that same time period: http://www.puresongwriters.com/interview1_butterflyboucher.htm

Anyone have recent news? When/where is she touring next? I have to see her if she comes remotely near to where I live.

Two songs...

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find For a Song and Gift Wrapped, in the US. I was hoping they'd be available for download on iTunes, but no such luck. Any help is appreciated!
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No flash on the camera for the live ones, and all of them are cropped somewhat. No touching up though :D

Also, here are MP3s of Butterfly on FBi. Links are valid for 7 days or when download limit is hit.

Interview Part One - http://s46.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=153R9WSDONY5N2RBSTYLETLVEC
"I Can't Make Me" Acoustic Live - http://s46.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1M4CQE806KRGG1YVNV0IA4JAJB
Interview Part Two - http://s46.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=30E31P5A5889T1DR1IEW7W7SO9
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OMG Butterfly Boucher *fans self* On FBi! *fans more* How excitement! I'm such a geek, I so embarrassed myself, but still. This is another picture you'll only see in black and white because I'm red like a beetroot. But yay! If I can be arsed, I'll upload the interview and live song for you to listen to. She spoke and played "I Can't Make Me", yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D Really looking forward to seeing her tonight with Sarah...
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Hey, does anyone know where I can download "Gift Wrapped" and/or "For a Song"? Or, if you want to email them to me, I'm inconsistent me @ gmail. com -- just take out the spaces. Thank you a lot. I'm quite desperate here, and if you can help me out, I have a bribe, XD. Gmail invites.. so.. yes. I have stooped to new lows. SAVE ME!

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Hi there fans of Butterfly, I just wanted to inform you all of the confirmed Butterfly concerts coming up... First and foremost there is the Nashville show which is at 3rd and Lindsley Bar and Grille, this concert is on December 12, 2004 at 9:00 pm. Then there is a concert in Boston on 12/16/2004 at Paradise Rock Club.  I am heading up Butterfly's street team for Nashville and the surrounding area, so if anyone on the boards would like to help in the efforts email me at holly.gray@murraystate.edu or if you have any suggestions for the website or anything else.


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